Online Sic Bo Strategy And Playing Tips

Online Sic Bo Strategy And Playing Tips

Sic Bo can seem to be a very intimidating game with perhaps the most complicated board visuals available, however Sic Bo is in my opinion one of the simpler dice games available and with short decisive rounds is easy to get the hang of fast. Below we will cover what I believe to be one of the better Sic Bo strategies implementable by beginners and experts alike, along with a few tips to help keep you on your game.

The Strategy

At the end of the day, Sic Bo is a game of chance. Nobody can certainly predict how the dice will fall. In games of chance, it is usually best practice to prevent loss rather than focus on the big wins, so for this strategy we will be focusing on Big and Small bets.

While playing dice combinations and sum bets if won will result in a higher payout, they are not without larger risk. Our aim is to keep it small but consistent and with a dealer edge of only 2.78% on big/small bets, this seems to be the best option.

Martingale betting system explained

Martingale Strategy

Implementing the Martingale strategy between Big/Small bets is quite simple. The rule to follow is your previous losses +1. Simply put, if you lose, stick to your decision (Big or Small) and double your bet, if you win, return your bet to your base bet (the first bet before any doubling). This simple sequence allows you to take your winnings and recover your losses, while not the fastest strategy for making money, it is one of the more consistent strategies to stay in the game for longer.

The only ways to actually loss while using the martingale strategy is if the role (doubling) amount surpasses what you have available or the table limit. While not common, it can happen and is worth considering before using this strategy. Keep in mind that no strategy is perfect, there is no way to perfectly predict the dice.

You can find this and other exciting games at the top NZD casinos and other regions around the world. Let’s dive into some great tips and tricks for how to do well and win at Sic Bo today!

Tips And Tricks For Martingale And General Sic Bo

  • Gambler’s fallacy – while one would be tempted to think after a streak of Big, the dice would lean more to a small (and vice versa), you may be tempted to change your betting position at this point, don’t. Each dice roll will remain individual, while we can calculate odds of the dice leaning to Big or Small after a steak, the most reliable method in this strategy is to stick to your guns.
  • Capital – one of the most important aspects of the martingale strategy is to roll high if needed making capital an extremely important factor.
  • Start small – With the martingale strategy, bet sizes can grow very quickly to a point of draining your capital. Starting small, while not a complete safeguard, will help keep the potential loss in check. While starting small means winning small, the aim of the strategy is to negate potential losses.


There are many different strategies for Sic Bo that can be profitable and fun, find the one that works best for you.