An Explanation And Guide To Online Slots Tournaments

Online slots tournaments are competitions hosted by online, and land-based, casinos, where players compete to score the most points from slots wins and challenges. Winners take home a prize, usually cash, along with their slots winnings, with further prizes being offered for second and third place.

The Benefits

Slots tournaments have a number of benefits, which include:

  • Potentially winning additional prize money.
  • Trying out the newest games.
  • Meeting other players.
  • Adding a fun and exciting element of competition to online slots.

How To Enter

Info on slots tournaments can usually be easily found with a quick web search. The quickest way is often to contact the casino hosting the tournament, or to go directly to their website, where you will receive detailed instructions on how to sign up and enter. There are also a number of online slots tournament review sites that can provide directions and links.

The Tournament Types

Common types of online slots competitions include the following:

  • Leaderboard Tournaments

    The most common type, this involves the players position on a leaderboard, with score points earned from successful wagers increasing player rank and score. This tournament is also often pre-scheduled and time-based.

  • Points Tournaments

    The entry fee grants the player credit tokens or chips that players use to compete to win certain pre-determined challenges, such as a certain win percentage, or number of consecutive wins, in order to receive points.

  • Free Tournaments

    There is no entry fee, and also no cash prize. Rather, winners are rewarded in free spins or some other non-cash prize by the casino.

Special Rule Tournaments

Within the above common types of online slots competitions there are also a number of special rule tournaments:

  • Reloader Tournaments

    Players have the option to buy a “reload” which enables them to re-join a tournament after being knocked out.

  • Extender Tournaments

    Players have the option to buy game extending bonuses that increase their chance of winning.

  • One-shot Tournaments

    Players have one chance to qualify for each stage of the tournament, if not they are knocked out without no option of a reload.

  • Survivor Tournaments

    Players compete in strict elimination rounds until only one remains.

  • Sit-And-Go Tournaments

    Players can join open-seat tournaments without having to register in advance.

  • Comped Tournaments

    An exclusive and complimentary VIP tournament offered to VIP players by the casino.

Choosing The Best Tournaments

Take your time to research and explore the different hosts, the tournaments offered, the fees, prizes, and rules, before entering.

One indirect way of finding the best tournaments is to look for casinos that host them the most frequently. This is can be a good indicator of how popular and successful the tournaments and the casino are. Another obvious and good indicator is the size of the prize money.

Otherwise, to find a tournament that is best suited to yourself and your preferences, it is recommended that you either do some further in-depth research, or else simply just try them out.

Tournaments that are well reviewed and vouched for though, are generally a safe bet.