Online Craps Versus Sic Bo Explained

Dice, the original hand-held Random Number Generator, have been used to produce game results since before recorded history. They still feature prominently in online Craps and Sic Bo; casino games so exciting that it can be difficult to know which one to start with.

Both options can be highly entertaining, and they both are capable of offering big potential rewards. What’s more, both have betting options that are suitable for beginners.

Introduction to Online Craps

Online Craps is one of the most modern ways of playing a game with origins that are lost in the mists of time. No one knows exactly where or how Craps developed.

The game received its modern name when it became popular in France. Players would crouch down and throw the dice on sidewalks. The posture reminded people of toads or ‘crapauds’, and it was not long before the game was known by its new name.

The online version of the popular game follows the same format used in casinos around the world. It is played at a table that features Come, Don’t Come, and their Odds bets on the left; Pass, Don’t Pass, and their Odds bets on the right, and Proposition bets in the centre.

Playing Craps requires you to bet on the possible outcomes of rolls of a pair of dice. Depending on the result of the roll, you will win the bet, lose the bet, or establish the Point. If the Point is established, you need to roll the dice again to determine whether you win or not. The best betting option for beginners is the Pass bet.

Basics of Online Sic Bo

Sometimes nicknamed ‘Chinese Craps’, ‘Chuck-a-Luck’, and ‘Birdcage’, Sic Bo has been played in China since ancient times. The name literally means ‘Precious Dice’.

Like Craps, Sic Bo requires you to bet on the outcome of rolls of dice. However, instead of rolling 2 dice, you will roll 3 of them. The betting options are much simpler than those of Craps.

For example, you can bet that the result will be 1 of 2 numbers shown in the relevant spaces on the betting grid, or that the result will be a big/high or a small/low number.

Which Game Is For You?

Whether you ultimately prefer to play online Craps or Sic Bo is entirely subjective. If you like the idea of throwing the dice a second time in a bid to win your bet, Craps could be the game for you. However, you need to be prepared to learn how the different betting NZ options work, and you need to put in some serious practice time if you want to master the game.

If you prefer short, sharp bursts of intense gaming action per round, or you do not have the time to spend on learning bet types or practise sessions, consider playing online Sic Bo. Of course, the best thing to do is to try both of them out (place low bets when you do it), and see which one you prefer.