The Most Popular Types Of Online Casino Bonuses

Like most businesses, online casinos rely on a steady flow of customers to survive, and so are constantly looking for ways to keep gamblers both satisfied and coming back for more. A popular way of doing this, for casinos and gamblers alike, is with a number of special “bonuses” offered by the casinos.

Welcome Bonuses

Most people who have played online casino games have likely received a welcome bonus at some point. Common examples are discount bonuses or free gifts of some kind. Many casinos offer a “100% match up” or match up percentage equalling the amount you deposit for a game, though up to a certain limit. For example, a $100 deposit with a 100% match up bonus will get you an extra $100 free to play with.

Online casinos also commonly give out various coupons and bonus codes that new players can claim once they join in and make an account.

Cashback Bonuses

Next to welcome bonuses, these are generally the most common. They are usually offered after signing up as a sort of insurance and provide a certain percentage of cash return over a period of time.

Deposit Bonuses

Casinos love people who are serious and willing to put down money, and so naturally, the more money you deposit into a online casino account, the greater the deposit bonus will be. Some casinos are even willing to give away disproportionately large sums of credit as a reward to encourage more deposits among their customers, even for small amounts of $10 or $20.

Those who deposit on a monthly basis can also usually receive additional bonuses according to their monthly activity and how much they deposit.

Loyalty Bonuses

These bonuses are generally designed as both an incentive to keep players coming back, and as a way to assist new players while they are getting started, usually in the form of free credit or plays.

Some online casinos also offer a special, and usually pricey, loyalty bonus when signing up, that can potentially vastly improve your odds.

No Deposit Bonuses

For those who prefer not to deposit, there is usually an alternative of “no deposit” bonuses offered as well. Generally, these will have restrictions, such as the amount the player can bet, and so forth, but are designed to be more favourable for new, infrequent, or casual players, and also to reduce risk for the casino. Most commonly, no deposit bonuses have a very high wager requirement, though guarantee a certain return no matter what.

Payment Method Bonuses

Online casinos generally offer a wide range of payment methods. Some might be more favourable, whether in security or convenience, and so they might offer bonuses for choosing a certain payment method for transaction. Be careful though, due to the dangers of the internet, always make sure that your online casino is legit, and likewise in regard to the payment method. Paypal and E-wallet are common online payment methods, though in recent times, cryptocurrency, has also begun to gain favour.