An Introduction to Online Fruit Machines for Slots Players

The fruit machine was developed as a direct result of a prohibition or ban on putting slot machines anywhere but actual casinos. Developers saw the gap for the demand of a slot style machine that did not pay out huge amounts of actual winnings as a reward. Therefore the fruit machine was developed for use in bars, arcades and pubs.

The fruit machine differs from classic slots, as fruit machines require more player interaction than classic slot titles available. This is apparent in the variety of gaming features that are on offer within different fruit machine titles.

Fruit Machine Interface

Online fruit machines are similar to an old type slot game that offers players a sense of tradition and comfort as opposed to the newer video slot titles available today. The 3 reels, 1 payline slot interface is uncomplicated offering appealing comfort of something simple-minded. The controls are easy to become accustomed to as all one has to do is hit the spin button.

The graphics are traditionally light, muted colours with a sense of dulled tone and atmosphere. At first glance this seems uninteresting and dull however the theme ties into the online slot perfectly. The old type approach to this online slot makes players comfortable as the ease of navigation and familiar interface make fruit machines a user friendly, light-hearted fun experience.

Fruit Machine Features

The fruit machine sets itself apart with various features that are available in game play; these include but are not always limited to the cash ladder, which is a feature that allows a player to determine the next move by guessing higher or lower. Furthermore fruit machines also offer a bonus trail or bonus board feature, this feature will activate at random points during game play and players must click a stop button in order to land on an icon and reveal the bonus prize won.

Hold And Nudge Feature

True fruit machinesĀ incorporate two very important features; these are the hold and the nudge features respectively.

In the hold feature, players are able to hold one or more of the reels still in the next spin. This is an invaluable feature as it gives players the opportunity to keep high value symbols locked in place while aiding in big winning combinations.

The nudge feature is very similar to the hold feature, however instead of locking a particular reel in place, this feature will allow players to nudge symbols live on the reels. This is extremely useful in creating big winning combinations with high value symbols.

Gamble Feature

Online fruit machines incorporate many of the same features of their land-based counterparts; with the gamble feature still popular, it too is a great edition to the online format. The gamble feature is recognisable from the Hi or Low gamble buttons. This feature is playable after every win; players will be presented with a face down playing card in which a choice between red and black, players will also need to guess the correct suit of the card. If a player manages to guess correctly, the winnings will be doubled, loose and a player will loose everything.