Mobile Online Tequila Poker Summarized for Players

Poker is one of the most well-loved casino card games, and the most popular of all forms of casino poker is Texas Hold ‘Em. However, there are tons of different variations of poker, some played in tons of land-based casinos and online, and some developed specifically for online play. Rumour has it that mobile online tequila poker was actually thought up by a casino software producer, making it one of those lucrative online casino games.

Tequila poker, in a nutshell, combines poker and blackjack into a quick, one-man game. It was first offered in 2005 and, as said, is only available at online casinos.

How to Play Tequila Poker

Mobile online tequila poker is immensely simple. There are no complications of adjusting land-based poker to online poker and no fun and excitement lost. This game is purely for the single player and unique for online play.

To begin with, the player places a bet, and then receives four cards, all placed face up, from a standard deck. Once having looked at these cards, the play continues with one of three options.

Firstly, the player may decide to fold, and then will lose the bet.

Secondly, the player may wish to continue playing and gain a winning poker hand.

Thirdly, the player may decide to play high tequila, which is a variation of tequila poker, in which the player will attempt to put together a hand with the highest value.

If deciding to go with play option two or play option three while playing mobile online tequila poker, the player is required to put down an additional wager, which has to be at least equal in value to the original bet. The player will then receive two further cards, totalling a total hand of six cards.

Winning the Game

To win a round of tequila poker, only the best five cards of the total of six will be considered. A tequila poker hand is determined according to traditional poker rules, but players must have a pair of aces or higher to win.

In high tequila, a point system is used to determine the card values. An ace is counted as eleven, face cards are taken as counting ten, and the other cards are taken at face value. Players must have a hand value of forty-six or higher to win.

Strategies to Win

Even though mobile online tequila poker is a relatively new game, avid players have already been trying to come up with strategies to beat the odds and win. Basically, if the four initial cards could make up a straight or a flush, then players are advised to choose the normal tequila poker option. If the first four cards already add up to a total of twenty-eight or higher, players are advised to go for high tequila. If neither of these options is on the table, then players are advised to fold.

By learning the basic rules of the game and the basic strategies of mobile online tequila poker, players can reduce the house edge and have an excellent chance of winning a hand of mobile online tequila poker on the go!