Lacrosse Betting Guide for Sports Bettors

La Crosse is an exciting, fast paced sport and is considered one of the fastest games in sport today.  La Crosse players make use of a racket with a long handle, which is known as a Crosse or La Crosse stick and players move the ball around while playing by catching, passing or carrying the ball in a net attached to the stick. The object of the game is to score in the opponent’s goal.

This game is mainly played in the US, Canada, Australia and more recently in Europe and Asia. La Crosse is a popular sport in Australia and for bettors this is great news as there are always games to wager on. There are 3 championships which draw many bettors and these are the Worlds, World Indoors and the European.

Types of La Crosse Bets

There are three main bets for Australians to choose from. The moneyline bet is where the two teams are rated, the favourite with a – and the underdog with a +. There will be a number next to the + and – signs and these indicate how much money must be bet to win. The moneyline bet differs from the point spread bet as the final outcome of the game does not make a difference.

The point spread puts the underdogs and favourites on an even footing as the odds are evened out. The favourite team will have to bet the point spread so that there will be a payout while the underdog will have to win or lose by less points than the point spread.  With the point spread the + is the favourite and the – is the underdog.

Over/Under bets are a favourite in all types of betting. Australian bettors must try to predict the combined final score of both the teams.  The over/under bet also has a moneyline in that bettors can place a bet on both the teams scoring less than what the sportsbook has published.

Betting Tips for La Crosse

Betting on La Crosse has its risks as does every type of sport. La Crosse players get injured or sick and then cannot play. There is some consistency however in that a team that plays well will usually have a good track record and win most of their games, although as in every sport there are upsets and surprises.  Australian bettors who are serious about La Crosse betting should become familiar with the various teams and players as well as the performance of these teams.

Bettors who are knowledgeable about a team and how they play will have the upper hand when placing a bet and will know who the favourite to win is. The odds that the sportsbooks publish will be helpful in this regard as well. The favourite is usually given lower odds compared to the underdog. Sportsbooks do this to attract bettors to place bets on both sides. It is advisable for Australian bettors to not only look at how the team has performed in the past but also to look at any new developments in the team. It is important that bettors stay up to date with the teams with regard to injuries or any other factors that could affect the outcome of a bet.

Australian bettors will find many sportsbooks offering La Crosse bets and placing these bets online is a great way for bettors to place fast, secure bets.