Best Tips For Video Poker Pros

Let’s face it, as glamorous as films such as James Bond make it look, table games aren’t as fast paced or exciting as one-one-one, “you vs the house” Video Poker. This preference speaks to your playing style – the pace and exhilaration of near-wins and big jackpots that can keep you on the edge of your seat and the fast mental calculations behind each play. Modern multi-play Video Poker allows you to receive wins on multiple pay lines – something never before possible in the slow, stone-faced game of table Poker. But not only do you enjoy Video Poker, but you’ve also developed something of a knack for it, a knack that gets a little stronger with each win. Now, instead of relying solely on your wits, we’ve put together some pointers that’ll make you a stronger player.

Find A Game With a Good RTP

What’s RTP? RTP stands for ‘return to player’ which is the inverse of house edge. If the RTP is 95%, the house edge is 5%. This doesn’t mean you’re going to win 95% of the time, it means you’re going to get a $95 return on your $100 investment. But 95% is quite a low RTP. You should try to get as close to 100% as possible, so do some research to find the best online casinos that offer Video Poker with an RTP of 98% or higher.

Understand The Probabilities

Understanding the possible outcomes of each hand is very important. Take the time to get to know which hands offer a 100% chance of a win. Keep in mind however, the concept of wins over time. If you place bets on easy-to-win hands you know that you’ll make small returns relatively quickly between losses. However, that won’t add up too well over time. If you’re prepared to place bets on rarer hands, you’ll be able to make fewer wins, but the amount you win will be far larger.

This is of course the way to play if Video Poker is something you’d consider pursuing as a way of making income. But if you’re happy to play the easy game, go for it. Keep in mind, however, that knowing your chances is always useful information when playing a game that balances luck and skill.

Accept That There Is a Learning Curve

As with any skill, there’s a teething period that has to be overcome before you can start making good progress. Conversely, even pro Video Poker players have dry spells and days when they’re not lucky. If you feel you’re not in a winning streak, stop for a moment and realise where you’re at. Do you need to rethink your strategy? Is your head just not in the game today? Know when to hold and when to fold, but also consider whether you’re in it for the long game and big wins or if you’re choosing to remain a casual player.

Whatever you’re playing, understanding the logic and systems at play is a central pillar in your strategy, and should serve as the basis for your decisions.