Disposal & Recycling

Construction and Demolition Disposal
Looking for a convenient location to dispose of construction and demolition debris? At our facility in Florence, SC we can take in construction debris as well as clearing debris. Let us take the place of the landfill and save you time and money. We can also arrange to have one of our trucks haul this debris for you.

Recycling Services
Everyday, tons of construction debris makes its way into our already overloaded landfills. More and more communities are losing areas that could be better served and there are increasingly more and more unsuitable areas available for landfills. With this valuable space being taken by reusable materials that lay to waste, not only does it create unsightly landscapes but also holds material that can become very useful products by simple recycling. Concrete recycling is one method of utilizing these re-useable materials.

At Earth Care Recycling, we specialize in the recycling of construction debris. One example is crushing concrete debris from demolition sites or wash outs from concrete trucks at concrete plants into reusable products. Our state of the art equipment and knowledgeable staff can reduce an unsightly pile of concrete into neat stockpiles of specialized sized materials suitable for many uses in both the construction industry as well as the landscaping industry. Over 140 Million Tons of concrete are recycled each year in the United States.

Recycling concrete and construction debris is not only a good idea for the environment by keeping the landfill space clear but it also saves money.

With an emphasis on saving money and the benefits for the environment, Earth Care Recycling strives to meet these goals for the future of our world.

Truck Services
Earth Care Recycling, LLC offers all types of trucking and hauling for landscape materials. We have our own fleet of trucks in various sizes. We can deliver a small load in our local dump truck or deliver multiple loads for larger jobs in one of our fleet of trucks varying from 22-25 tons. Call Bart Carr for all of your trucking and delivery needs at 803-600-3352.


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